Are you considering being a police officer – is it a career for you?

Wondering about a change in profession? Are you wondering if joining the police service is for you?  

You may ask yourself questions such as “what are the responsibilities of a police officer,”

 “I know the Police work shifts what does it look like”. 

 “What will I be dealing with” or “Is it for me”

Here at Careers In Blue we will give you an insight into what is involved. We will answer questions that you ponder over, helping you decide if becoming a police officer is the career for you.  

If you find it is not the right time don’t worry. We give advice and guidance in your preparation. As a result you will gather your best evidence. This will help you achieve your career goals.  

So, let’s begin …..

What are the responsibilities of a police officer? 

The responsibilities of a police officer are so important in everything that you do. As a Police Officer you will work in partnership with local communities. This is to reduce the fear of crime, promote law and order and provide public reassurance.   

It is therefore a challenging career that demands a high level of personal integrity and responsibility.  

However, it is also a rewarding career knowing you have improved public confidence. This is by supporting victims and witnesses of crime and providing reassurance to the local community’s you serve. As a result  keeping people safe and bringing offenders to justice is a key importance of being a Police Officer.  

The key responsibilities for the 45 police forces in the UK are  

  • Maintaining Public order through combating organise crime  
  • Countering the threat of terrorism  
  • Acting against anti-social behaviour 

As a Police officer, you work closely with Key Partners. They are for instance members, of the criminal justice system, local authorities, health professional and community groups by providing advice, education and assistance those who want to reduce crime or have been affected by crime.   

As a Police Officer, what incidents will I be dealing with? 

By being visible conducting patrol duties either on foot, car or bicycle you will develop a greater understanding of the community that you will serve.  

What is expected is that you will identify persons at risk and locations that are prevalent to crime. Responding to calls of varying nature for instance youths causing annoyance, assaults, disorder, burglary, robbery, arresting and interviewing offenders to the more serious and complex offences. 

As a police officer every day will be different, above all it is challenging and rewarding. Every incident that you deal with, you will act with professionalism, integrity, impartiality and treat victims of crime with support and sensitivity.  Check out the New Police Codes of Ethics for more information Code of Ethics | College of Policing

There is I can tell you a lot of ‘paperwork’ to complete when dealing with any incident or arrests. This is to ensure that it meets the standards required for a realistic prosecution however you do have support from your colleagues and CPS to help and guide you if required.  Prosecution guidance | The Crown Prosecution Service (

What shifts will I have to work? 

As the Police provides a 24-hour service 7 days per week, full time Police Officers complete an average of 40 hours per week in various hours. You might be required to work early mornings, evenings and night shifts that also includes weekends and bank holidays.  

Depending on the Police Force you are applying to there will be a set shift pattern that cover the 24 hours a day 24/7 service.  

Following a length of service officers can apply for part time or flexible working this is considered on a case-by-case basis.  

How Careers In Blue can help you decide

How can Careers In Blue help you decide – we will help, guide and prepare you for your Police Career. From your initial application to final structured interview, we offer comprehensive workshops for your Assessment Centre and Structured Interviews. We also include One to One Interviews with honest feedback. We will discuss what you are expected to do in certain scenarios. How you will deal with certain situations and what your responsibilities are as a police officer. We are passionate in what we do and have a success rate second to none.

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