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So many great candidates don’t get the job they go for because they don’t fully understand what’s expected from them. It may be many years since you last had an interview and things have changed so much.

At Careers In Blue, we can go through the interview process with you, preparing you for your perfect career role.

We will help you understand the process, be prepared to be able to give your best and instilling you with confidence to help you achieve…

For those of you considering a career change or entering the jobs market for the first time, Careers In Blue can give you that insight and tools to be the best applicant you can be.

When you apply, by using our Application Forms and Structured Interviews Workbook, coupled with our Workshop, we will ensure you are fully aware on how to be successful at each stage. The system we use to prepare candidates has been tried and tested – successfully! We will ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance to achieve at every stage. Some other companies will bombard you with tests and books – we are of the mindset that if you know what is expected of you and have a structure for answering the questions at each stage of your interviews, you will succeed!

Careers In Blue Non Police Services

Application Forms and Structured Interviews Guide and Workbook

This is our complete guide to Competency Based Applications and Interviews. It is ideal for anyone applying for a police staff role, a police lateral move or any application form or interview that asks for competency based information. It is a simplistic, practical guide and workbook which covers:

  • Information about both processes
  • Preparing evidence for both processes
  • Structuring your answers
  • Useful additional preparation

Application Form Checking

Buy this service, send us your application form by email and we will get back to you ASAP but within 24 hour.

Once you email us your application form, we will advise

  • if your current answers are sufficient
  • you need to add or evidence further any of your answers
  • recheck it again for you before submission
  • advise on current recruitment processes for your chosen force

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing you have submitted your best possible application form and have optimised your chances of getting to interview stage.

Bespoke Interview Workshop

For those who have applied for a role, this is the package for you.

An Online Training Session, just for you, addressing the role you have applied for, will look at the role profile you have applied for and examine essential skills you will be expected to demonstrate. We will go through your practical examples to ensure you couldn’t be any better prepared and full of confidence for your interview.

Couple our course with our Application Forms and Structured Interviews Workbook and you can’t be any better prepared!

It explains how to prepare and questions for you to work through, ensuring you can structure your answers to give you the best chance of success!

One to One Mock Interview

 For those of you who may have done any of our courses, or even if you are new to Careers In Blue and feel you have prepared yourself sufficiently, but would like the opportunity of a mock interview, this is ideal for you. 

Although we call it a ‘One to One’ Mock Interview, there will in fact be two trainers on hand to make your mock interview as lifelike as it can be. If you choose to have further interviews, different question sets will be used

Honest and constructive feedback on your current performance will be given, with advice and guidance on areas where you could look to improve.

The opportunity to have a mock interview, ahead of the real thing, is the best preparation you can do.

Rather than worrying about what you might face, you will be instilled with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to face what lies ahead on your interview journey. 

What our customers say about us

Thank you to tutors and students for welcoming Chris and Jan back to Oldham College for the second year!

Great to meet all the students and hopefully they benefitted from the presentation in a number of ways.

Thanks especially to Nathan Street for arranging the visit!

Presentation to Uniformed Protective Services Students at Oldham College Dated 11th October 2023 

Many thanks to the Careers in Blue team, especially Chris and Jan, who have been very helpful along my journey to post-university employment.

Both are very knowledgeable and offer expert guidance to those aspiring to work in the police force.

Sophie - used ' Tip of the Week' and Weekly Chat - CIB Free Services 

Regarding your Police Recruitment Start to Finish Book, I gave it to some of the Policing Tutors who are all ex-Police and the feedback was extremely positive.

Therefore I’ve asked the Course Leader to think about purchasing one for each of our final year students.  I’m not sure how many we have!

Update: Books for Final Year students have been purchased including a presentation from Careers In Blue to students at the  University of Gloucestershire  for the Futures Conference Employability Week in January 2023!

Natalie - University of Gloucestershire

The Careers in Blue team are incredibly helpful in ALL aspects of applying to the police force.

I would not have been able to pass without their help through workshops, weekly teams meetings and their VERY in-depth Police Recruitment Start to Finish Workbook.

The price of the workshops and the book are massively outweighed by the support that you are given as their guidance and experience is priceless. Thank you very much.

Jake - Humberside Police - New Recruit

Thanks to Jan and Chris for their expert support through the policing application.

From the situational judgment test up to my final interview they made what can be a complicated process easy to understand.

I highly recommend the Careers In Blue Police Recruitment Start to Finish Workbook which is a vital tool for anyone starting the application process. Thanks again!

Alex - awaiting to join Cheshire Police as a Police Officer 

I was made aware of Careers In Blue by a family member and I’m so glad I used them! Chris and Jan are excellent coaches and helped me to pass my Online Assessment Centre. They are so knowledgable and made sure I knew exactly what to expect going into the assessment. The workbooks they provide are also really useful and so much better than any information I found online. I would definitely use Careers In Blue again and recommend them to anyone applying for a career in Policing. Thank you again!

Jasmine – applying for the Degree Holders Entry Programme – Detective Entry

My university provided us with the careers in blue work books and paid Chris and Jan to come in for a few sessions regarding the police recruitment process.

I had personally struggled with the recruitment assessments and had failed both parts previously, however, after having 1 to 1 sessions over teams with Chris and Jan, as well as completing some SIFT practice questions and mock interview questions, I was able to pass with flying colours!

I would highly recommend their service to anyone and would go as far as to say that their input was paramount to me passing my recruitment process.

Lexi - awating start date to join Cumbria Police as Police Officer 

"Chris has a vast amount of experience when it comes to processes / applications and interviews within the Police Service. Her wealth of experience has assisted me greatly over the years in securing jobs within the Police Service when moving to different departments / roles and without Chris assistance I may not have secured such sought-after roles. Thanks Chris."

Carl, a Merseyside Police Officer

"I had not had an interview in 30 years so it is no exaggeration to say that without Jan and her team I would not have got this job, I'd have been a rabbit in the headlights. They talked me through how the interview works, gave me examples of possible questions and gave me instruction in how I should structure my answers with examples. I scored highly and got the job. If you want a Police related job I would highly recommend Jan and her team to get you through."

Chris, a Retired Police Officer applying for a Civilian Intel Post

I used Careers In Blue after previously being unsuccessful at a Final Interview for Merseyside Police last year, despite using what I thought was a similar online company.

Based on that interview experience I knew that Merseyside Police had a more personal interview, reflecting the force, the diverse community it represents and its operations. I knew I needed more help than I was given for my first, unsuccessful interview and someone with Merseyside Police experience would be a bonus.

A few weeks prior to a new interview date I was given Jan’s details. In those short weeks, the coaching was different from other online outlets. This was personal, more reflective of Merseyside Police and during the interview, Jan’s recruitment and interview experience came through.

Having a mock interview beforehand was a fantastic opportunity!

On the day of my interview, I was amazed when everything I was asked about had been covered by Jan and Chris in my Final Interview Course and Mock Interview, there were no surprises and I passed!

If you are applying for any force, Careers In Blue is for you!

Phil, potential new Police Officer

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