About Careers In Blue

We are a team of recently retired Police Officers with over 60 years policing experience, covering a wide range of policing roles, in different ranks.

About Careers In Blue

More importantly, we have interview and recruitment experience spanning the last 20 years with direct experience of interviewing, assessing and marking Police Staff and Police Officers during the interview stage. Since retiring, we have helped and guided those doing all stages of their Police Officer Recruitment Process from National Sift, Online Assessment Centre to Final Interviews, Police Staff Interviews and those already employed by a Police Force, seeking lateral moves with a success record second to none.

We are of the mindset that if you want to succeed, you give yourself the best chances of success – and that’s where we give you that ‘edge’. The processes and systems we use have a proven track record, with applicants being knowledgeable, confident and well prepared for their structured interview. You can be too.

Being recently retired, our knowledge is fresh. We have used the Values and Competencies you are assessed and marked against. We have interviewed candidates for the role of Police Officers as well as for a variety of other Police and Police Staff roles assessing their ‘performance’ against the given criteria.

Even colleagues in the police, ask us to help them or speak to their friends or children, going through the process because they know our background of involvement in Police Recruitment. They know we have that specialist knowledge that will give them, their friends or family that edge over other candidates – and our success rate speaks for itself.

We will help you to understand the process, recognise, gather and build your evidence portfolio which will help you through and give you the best possible chance to succeed.

We know what makes good, well prepared candidates stand out from those not so suitably prepared.

You can put a lot of work into various stages of your application, but if you don’t fully understand what is expected of you and how you will be assessed, you may not succeed, despite all your hard work….

Careers In Blue can help you achieve.

Chris Farrell

I have over 30 years policing experience and have worked in a variety of ranks and roles. I was a qualified Police Detective Sgt, PIP Level 2 for the last 10 years of my career, specialising in Counter Terrorism Policing and National Forensic Management, which enabled me to be involved in serious National Policing Investigations.

When I retired, my enthusiasm for the police continued and I applied for a Police Staff role in a specialist unit, where I was successful, scoring top marks in my interview.

Throughout my career, I conducted various structured interviews for differing roles and was seen as the ‘Go To’ person by numerous colleagues for advice and guidance appertaining to application and interview preparation. I have recent experience of using the Competency Value Framework during interviews and paper-sift stages of the application process.

My experience and knowledge of the interview process has always been something I enjoy. Careers In Blue enables me to continue to impart my police skills and knowledge in your preparation for joining the policing family or help you to get that Specialist Role you desire.

Jan Scrutton

I have over 30 years policing experience in various roles, ranks and Specialist National Units.

For the last 20 years of my career, as well as my ‘day job’, I became involved in various Interview Selection processes. I qualified as a Structured Assessor and also attained a Level 3 qualification in Learning and Development, enabling me to become involved in the whole Recruitment and Selection Process. For the last 5 years of my career, I was responsible for the recruitment process for our Specialist Unit during which I ran the process from start to finish.

I have always been passionate about getting the right people for the right roles and enjoyed the opportunity on many occasions to interview new police recruits, special constables, as well as external applicants for police staff roles and lateral moves.

I have a great understanding of the Competency Value Framework (CVF) which is the cornerstone of any Police Recruitment process. I have scored application forms, chaired interviews and provided constructive feedback at all stages of the process.

Careers In Blue gives me the opportunity to continue to help others achieve in their chosen career, ensuring that they have prepared to the best of their ability giving them that ‘edge’ over other applicants.