Are you confused by the numerous police recruitment application pathways? Which application pathway is for you? Don’t panic…. You’re not on your own and Careers In Blue can help!

We’ve had numerous enquiries from young people looking at the Degree Apprenticeship application process.

How we can help

We are happy to have a free chat to anyone in this position to guide you and explain what your options are

Today, I had a great chat with a lovely young man, intent on joining the police but unsure as to what he had to do to achieve this. He’d done his GCSE’s and had left school and got a job in the retail industry – in previous times he could have just applied via the normal route to be a police officer. Now things are a little different…which pathway, if any can he use?

What are his options?

He was quite despondent – he has his heart set on becoming a police officer but hadn’t stayed on at school to do A Levels and left 18 months ago. We had a great conversation and went through all his options. It’s not just A levels that count, there’s a raft of Level 3 qualifications that can also do the trick for police recruitment.

By the end of our conversations, he realised his goal to be a police officer was still very real. He had a number of options to look at which would then help him to make a decision on his future. Once he’s explored his options, he could then decide how to go forward, making his dream a reality.

As the conversation went on, I realised what a great position he was in. He was relatively young but knew what he wanted to do. He was happy to consider different options to help him along the way. We discussed how his current career could help him. It’s never too early to start preparing for your police application and our advice may really help you.

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Our Police Recruitment Start to Finish Workbook and the 4 Modular Training Workshops that encompass the National Sift, Online Police Structured Interview, Written and Briefing Exercise will ensure you have practiced each stage you will be tested on. You will understand the Competency Value Framework (CVF) http://college of policing

After success at your Assessment Centre – you may have to do a final interview. Our Final Structured Interview Workbook and Workshop will build on preparation you did for your Assessment Centre. It will ensure you are the best prepared you can be to achieve your dream!