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This weeks Tip is back to basics – it’s something I used to do myself. if preparing for a police application, start keeping a little book of evidence of things you do that may be of use during your application process. A job that you dealt with well, helping someone, evidence of good decision making etc. Doesn’t have to be just work stuff. My old boss, once every 3 months used to ask me to tell him about good jobs my team had done, to include on a quarterly report. I had a little book I kept in the pocket of my cargo pants and noted down arrests or jobs we dealt with.

How it helps…

When he asked me, it was so easy to look in my book and write up my report in next to no time! This will help you too. Doesn’t matter if it’s 6 months till you’re applying, start doing this right now. It will be of use at the Online Assessment Centre, your Final Interview or Competency Based Applications for police staff – invaluable!

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