The Police Constable Entry Programme is a fairly new entry pathway, now advertised by many police forces across the country. It’s a great entry pathway for many reasons for many people.

But why is it different?

It’s different because up until about 18 months ago, everyone who joined the police, would have to complete a Policing Degree / Diploma. Whether you applied for the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) or Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP), you would complete the Policing Degree in your first two or three years.

But it meant that as well as working full time, new police officers also had to do a degree. It can be tough trying to manage the two, and forces suffered as a consequence, to a high rate of resignations amongst new joiners, not seen before.

Numbers of ex armed forces personnel, joining the police also dipped, and the degree might have been a factor.

The Police Constable Entry Programme negates new police officers having to do a Policing Degree when you join. You just do necessary training to be a police officer which appeals to many people. Doing a degree doesn’t suit everyone.

Police constable entry routes | College of Policing

What is the Application Process

It’s generally the same as other pathways – forces may differ slightly but for most, the National Sift and Online Assessment standard requirements;

  1. Application form and Eligibility Checks
  2. National Sift
  3. Online Assessment
  4. Force Interview / Force Process
  5. Medical & Fitness
  6. Vetting / Background Checks

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