Police Staff Structured Interview Course


3 hour workshop to lead you through what is expected and includes slow time interview questions with constructive feedback..

Upon booking this bespoke course we will contact you to arrange convenient dates and times for your sessions.


If you are an external candidate, applying for a police staff post, this is for you. For many candidates, this can be a daunting and testing time, applying for a Police Force or a Structured Interview process, they know little about, this is where Careers In Blue can help you achieve.

Our Police Staff Structured Interview Course, coupled with our bespoke Interview Workbook, will guide you how to plan, understand what you are being asked to demonstrate and how to construct your answers against the Competency Value Framework.

The Training Course is a 3 hour workshop and will gradually builds on your knowledge base, covering varying subjects you will most likely be questioned about. We will explain what is involved in a Structured Interview, discuss the Competency Value Framework and how you can be fully prepared, being able to understand and answer questions you will be asked, in a structured way. The second half of the session includes a slow time structured mock interview. Further ‘Real Time’ One to One Structured Interviews are available if you wish

There will also be practical advice on how to conduct yourself, looking the part and giving you that inner confidence to help you achieve.