Module 4 – Briefing Exercise Workshop for the Police Online Assessment Centre


1 hour online training session Saturday mornings from 12pm – 1pm and Monday evenings 8pm – 9pm

Workshops are usually run as follows:
Weekly on either a Saturday morning or a Monday evening



For those who have applied to a police force, after you pass the National Sift, the next assessment you will face, is the 3 part Online Assessment Centre. To break each section down into manageable chunks, we have developed 3 separate workshops to tackle each part – the Competency Based Interview – 5 questions (CBI) (Module 2), the Written Exercise (Module 3) and the Briefing Exercise (Module 4)

The Briefing Exercise is usually a ‘Live Time’ scenario, you will be expected to assess and decide a course of action. Circumstances may change and you will be asked if it alters your decision making.

Our Briefing Exercise Workshop is an hour long. We will explain in full, what you will face, how to prepare for it and tactics to use to answer it. We will go through potential scenarios previously used, concerns you will encounter and tactics to give full and comprehensive answers to the questions you will be asked.

During our Workshop, we will give you advice and guidance to equip you to think outside the box, answering fully with lots of creativity and leadership demonstrated. You will understand how to prepare and practice, whatever the scenario, so you stand the best chance of scoring high and passing the Written Exercise easily!

You couldn’t be any better prepared and full of confidence to take the test!