Structured Interview Course


3 hours session to lead you through what is expected and trial an interview.

Upon booking this bespoke course we will contact you to arrange convenient dates and times for your sessions.


For those who have applied for a role, this is the package for you – coupled with our Application Forms and Structured Interview Workbook (available to buy separately) this is a comprehensive workshop to take you step by step through everything you need to do to prepare yourself for interview.

3 hour online training session which incorporates a interview questions with constructive feedback to ensure you know what to expect from your interview.

Our Online Training Session reinforces learning points and goes through practical examples and a structure for answering questions to ensure you couldn’t be any better prepared and full of confidence for your interview.

The Training Course is a 3 hour session that will gradually build on your knowledge base, covering varying subjects you will most likely be questioned about. We will explain what is involved in a Structured Interview, discuss the Competency Value Framework and how you can be fully prepared, being able to understand and answer questions you will be asked, in a structured way.

There will also be practical advice on how to conduct yourself, looking the part and giving you that inner confidence to help you achieve.