One to One Structured Mock Interview


Mock interviews are a great way to gain feedback and prepare you for the real interview.
Upon booking this bespoke course we will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for your session.


For those of you who may have done any of our courses, or even if you are new to Careers In Blue and feel you have prepared yourself sufficiently, but would like the opportunity of a mock interview, this is ideal for you!

Although we call it a ‘One to One’ Mock Interview, there will in fact be two trainers on hand to make your mock interview as lifelike as it can be. If you choose to have further interviews, different question sets will be used.

Honest and constructive feedback on your current performance will be given, with advice and guidance on areas where you could look to improve.

The opportunity to have a mock interview, ahead of the real thing, is the best preparation you can do.

Rather than worrying about what you might face, you will be instilled with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to face what lies ahead on your policing journey.

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