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How can you start preparing with Careers In Blue for your Police Recruitment journey?

Lots of forces are currently advertising with a recruitment campaign for the various entry level pathways to join the Police. These are the Degree Holder Entry Pathway (DHEP) ,Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA), Degree in Professional Policing – attained prior to joining the Police.

If you do not want to do the Policing Degree, then consider the PCEP (Police Constable Entry Programme).

Some are also advertising for the Detective Entry and for those who have completed a Professional Policing degree at university.

Check out the Force that you are applying to via there recruitment webpage to establish when they are opening the many pathways to join the police service.

Whichever one you’re interested in, you can be sure of a few things…

The recruitment window will be really tight – most just a week, some may close early if they are inundated with applicants. You need to firstly, know when the window opens and secondly, be ready to submit an application.

If your application form is accepted and you progress to the National Sift and then the Online Assessment Centre (OAC), we have seen over the past few months how little time you are given to prepare for it – complete it within a week seems to be the going rate now….

Pass that and more likely than not, you’ve got your Final Interview – but when will it be? Again, you can be kept hanging on and then have maximum of a week’s window to book your interview.

So, how can you start preparing for your Police Recruitment journey and how much can Careers In Blue help you?

Before you apply

Before your application, register with us and receive our Tip of the Week, we are also planning other things to help pre applications so watch this space on that one! Receive emails when your choices of Forces starts to advertise www.joiningthepolice.co.uk – but this is just when the recruitment opens, they also give an indication on their website of which forces will also be advertising soon, but nothing more than that.

Check your Application Form for £49 and get 10% off any of our courses!

This is our fantastic new service! Services

Different forces use different forms of application forms – some will just ask basic details and put you forward to the OAC. With these forces, you have a good idea that you will receive a date to do your OAC. Others will ask you questions such as what motivates you to be a police officer or questions around competencies they expect potential police officers to have. We’ve seen some of these questions and some are tough if you don’t know how to deal with them.

Complete your answers, send it to us, we will check it and suggest any changes within 24 hours. Resubmit it to us to recheck if you alter it, again checked and returned within 24 hours.

On average, depending on the level of applicants, if you go through a short listing phase, around 50-60% are rejected – cut that figure drastically and get us to check your application – discounts available for our courses if you use us to check your application form!

Modular Workshops – 4 x One Hour Workshops that covers the 4 Stages of the OAC – £25.00 each per Modular Training course.

Careers In Blue offer 4 x One hour Modular Training courses that covers the National Sift ( this is the first stage that you will be asked to take following submission of your initial application form). Pass the National Sift and you will be sent a link to complete the Online Assessment Centre ( OAC) within 7 Days !! The remaining three workshops comprise of the Police Online Structured Interview, Written exercise and Briefing exercise that forms part of the OAC. You have to pass ALL three stages of the OAC to move to the next stage of your application that can be an in- force structured interview.

The Modular Workshops are each ONE hour and held every Saturday Mornings from 09.00am – 1pm and Monday Evenings from 5pm – 9pm. They can be booked via our website Home – Careers in Blue

One to One Online Assessment Centre Workshop £149.00

If you’d like a more personable approach then consider our Online Assessment Centre Workshop ( 3 hour workshop) ONE to ONE workshop.

Careers In Blue spend TIME discussing your evidence for the 5 Competency Based Interview questions and then run through further training sessions for the Written and Briefing exercises of the Assessment.

We have a comprehensive workbook that will be sent to you to work through that helps you prepare for your police career.

Final Interview Workshop £149.00

Once you’ve done your OAC and you’ve had confirmation you’ve passed (usually around 2-3 weeks after you complete it), start thinking about your Final Interview – most forces have this stage with the exception of a few. Our experience shows that again, you will be asked to book an interview date within very tight timescales – anything from 3 days to 10 days, but on average you only have around a weeks’ notice for your interview.

Our advice would be – book our Final Interview Course. Again, we’ll give you 10% off if we’ve checked your application form. It’s around 3 hours long and builds on the skills you used for your Assessment Centre. Get this under your belt and you can continue to practice techniques we will teach you whilst you wait for your interview date.

Our workbook (PDF version when you book and you can also have a hard copy to keep) gives information, models, tips and tasks to complete prior to attending your Online Workshop. Again, it’s precise and to the point – no unnecessary waffle.

Mock Interviews £125 (first one), £75 (any subsequent ones)

The majority of our clients who have been successful at Final Interview, took advantage of our mock interviews. This is the most realistic experience you can have, prior to doing your Final Interview. It pulls all the learning together and gives you realistic questions that you may face during your interview. We will give you constructive feedback on where you struggled and those you answered well. By the end of the session, you will be confident and ready to face the real thing!

Our mock interviews are harder than the actual one! Our clients have told us!

We are passionate about preparing for your Police Recruitment journey with Careers In Blue.


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