Deciding to be a police officer is a big life changing decision. For your police recruitment journey – why use Careers In Blue to help you? We are a relatively new company; you may not have heard of us – yet! 

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Everyone loves statistics….

Police Recruitment is a highly competitive process, around 40% will fall at the first hurdle – the application form and National Sift. Another 40% will fail the Online Police Assessment Centre. A further 50% will fail at the Final Interview stage. This equates to you having a 15% chance of success, if you want it, you have to improve your chances of success….

The College of Policing will give you some advice – but it gives everyone this advice. Here’s the link anyway, at least download the Competency Value Framework (CVF)

How much do you want to be a police officer? If you’re answering, ‘I really want this,’ or, ‘What can I do to give myself the best chance of success,’ you need to give yourself that ‘edge’ and Careers In Blue will give you that.

Police Recruitment – why use Careers In Blue?

We have a 100% success rate for any client that has EVER worked with us

Clients who have used us, cannot speak highly enough about us. 

Being recently retired police officers with over 60 years’ police service, we have experience in a variety of different roles and ranks. 

We love helping people who really want this new career, prepare for their National Sift, Online Assessment Centre (OAC) or Final Interview.

Ask us if you’re unsure about your application form.

Why our clients achieve success

Our courses, with our comprehensive workbooks are tried and tested and work every time! In the simplest possible way, we give you the understanding you need to pass each stage; no waffle, no over-complicating things, just what to expect and how to tackle each stage – simply!

Working in small groups reaps rewards because we can give that personal touch. You will not be lost in a sea of faces, without the opportunity to ask questions and clarify what you’re unsure about. 

Our knowledge is fresh, we have used the Competency Value Framework (CVF) you are assessed against. We have sat on your recruitment panels, assessed, written up and scored feedback for candidates. We know what is expected of candidates and what makes candidates stand out from others. 

Check out what our clients say about us on our Testimonials page.

Our Experience

Because we are qualified assessors, we have;

Assessed application forms, shortlisted for interviews, chaired interview panels and given feedback to candidates for both successful and unsuccessful interviews. 

Whilst we were still serving police officers, we were the ‘go to’ people for anyone who had applied for a job and wanted some help preparing for their interview 

As well as our ‘day jobs,’ for the last 20 years, we have been actively involved in police recruitment interviews, police staff interviews as well as sideways moves to other police units and promotion processes. 

Our colleagues who know our experience within recruitment ask us to help their relatives and friend’s children. 

And, the most important reason to use Careers In Blue…

We give you the best chance possible of being successful FIRST TIME!

For your Police Recruitment journey – choose Careers In Blue! Check out our Services It makes perfect sense!