Police Recruitment Start to Finish – what’s it like? What does it mean? How much do you know about it?

There are many stages to police recruitment – it’s not easy to get a good understanding of what it entails – what can help you decide is it for you? A police officer career isn’t for everyone….

How great would it be to have an insight into the whole process – a book to explain it all, Police Recruitment Start to Finish? Preparation. Application, National Sift, Online Assessment Centre. Final Interview. Well now you can. Careers In Blue’s latest book tells you about the whole process, explaining what you need to do from the very first moment you start to consider – is a police career for you? What’s it called – Police Recruitment Start to Finish of course!

So how will our new book help you? Because it’s full of everything you’ll need – advice, guidance, examples, explanations, tips. Simple to read, practical, every page is worth reading – no waffle. We answer questions we’ve been asked by potential new police officers. We include things you need to know. How to start preparing, which entry pathway is for you, fitness, sickness etc.

Put your application in, and our book explains each stage of the police recruitment process – National Sift, Online Assessment Centre and Final Interview. Each stage fully explained. Examples, how to prepare – there’s work for you to do, making sure you are the best prepared you can be to tackle each stage.

Police decision models, ways to tackle exercises such as the Written and Briefing as well as other tips are included. You can’t be any better prepared – unless you attend one of our workshops as well!

Order your copy via our website www.careersinblue.co.uk