Just applied for the Police?

This week’s Tip of the Week is for those of you preparing for your National Sift or Online Assessment Centre date having just put an application in. There are options but the majority of police forces follow this process, the National Sift and then the Online Assessment Centre.

Our book Police Recruitment Start to Finish is a great place to start, it covers preparation before you even apply, eligibility, advice for your National Sift and includes our 2 workbooks – one for the Online Assessment Centre and the other for your Final Interview. Purchase it via our website.

Police Recruitment Start to Finish Guide and Workbook – Careers in Blue

National Sift

The National Sift does what it says on the tin! It sifts around 40% of applicants. If you don’t know how to approach it, you may fail, at this early stage. It has 2 parts – Behavioral Style Questionnaire (80 questions) and Situational Judgement Test (15 questions). The College of Policing doesn’t tell you much, a couple of example questions, that’s it….some people will tell you just be yourself – bad advice! You need to know what to expect and prepare where you can.

So, how can you boost your chances of passing? It’s a no brainer to do our hour long National Sift Modular Training Course to prepare you perfectly, with sample questions during the course and more to practice yourself later.

100% success for all our clients and great value at just £25! Book this one and any of our Online Assessment Centre Modular Training Courses via the below link.

Police Officer Recruitment – Careers in Blue

Online Assessment Centre

Pass that and the next step is your Online Assessment Centre. Around 40% of candidates fail at this first hurdle – FACT! Find out as much as you can and Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. You need to know what to expect and how you are going to present yourself. There are some of you who may get help from the Positive Action Team, but a lot of you won’t – you need to know what to expect as others will. Again, 100% success for all of our clients that have done our Modular Training Courses – we know what we’re talking about!

There are 3 parts:

Interview Questions – 5 pre-recorded questions

Written Test – a number of documents for you write a response to

Briefing Exercise – respond to 12 questions about an ‘ongoing’ scenario.

Police Officer Recruitment – Careers in Blue

Help from Careers In Blue

At Careers In Blue, we know the process, we will tell you the process and you will totally have the best opportunity to pass the National Sift and the Online Assessment Centre FIRST TIME!

Start with our book, access our free services and if you want to make sure you give yourself the best chance of passing, book our totally interactive Workshop with our specialist trainers. 100% success rate speaks for itself!

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