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So, what’s it all about? The Police Online Assessment Centre for police officer applicants, has 3 Stages but potentially 4 parts to it. Depending on what force you have applied to, depends on whether you have to do all 4 parts.

Stage 1 – Situational Judgement Test

Stage 2 – (5) Interview Questions

Stage 3 – Part 1 Written Exercise

Stage 3 – Part 2 Briefing Exercise

You may only be given up to a week to complete the Assessment Centre so it’s really important that once you know your application form has been accepted, you start preparing. Our advice – book early, receive our Workbook, do our follow up Workshop and then be able to prepare and practice!

You will be given a completion date – i.e. 7 days from receiving your notification email. You can split it over different days if you wish. You have to pass Stage 1 to progress any further. Most of our students will do Stage 1 and 2 together and then the following Stage 3 (2 parts) the following day to break it up a little.

Situational Judgement Test

This stage consists of 12 multi choice questions. You will be given a scenario and 4 answers – which one will you choose? Many people advise, just do it, be yourself…not what Careers In Blue would advise! You have to pass this stage by attaining a high percentage pass mark to get any further in the Assessment Centre. On average, our students attain 87% – a great start to the Police Online Assessment Centre! We have questions for you to practice with and explain the stage in full during the follow up Workshop.

Interview Questions

5 questions to see if you’ve got the skills to make a good police officer. A question will appear on the screen and you have minute to prepare and then answer the question. You will be told which competencies and values you will be asked questions on but what will they be about? We have a great way to prepare you for this part of the Assessment Centre – tried and tested – and it works!

Written Test

You’ll be given a number of documents to read through. You’ll have to create a report to address a local neighbourhood problem or crime. It’s usually something that’s causing annoyance to people living in the vicinity. How will you structure your answer? What can you expect to encounter in this part of the assessment and what’s it likely to be about? Our Workbook has examples for you to go through and models to use to format your response. During our Workshop, we will discuss possible scenarios and how to provide a great answer.

Briefing Exercise

You will be given a number of documents to read. This is like an old paper feed exercise. You will be asked a series of questions, one at a time as to how you will address the problem outlined. It may be around what concerns you have and what will your course of action will be. after a few questions you will be given a new piece of information. Does your response now change? More questions and then a final piece of new information with a few final questions. This is the part people are most unsure about. We will go through what to expect . Again our Workbook gives example questions and ideas to consider.to help you give great answers!

Help from Careers In Blue

How can Careers In Blue help you?

We have guided many people through the Police Online Assessment Centre. A tried and tested process ensures you have the best possible chances of success. You need to do your part – we cannot be there to do the Online Assessment Centre for you, but our easy to read Workbook gives you practical examples of what to expect and our follow up Workshop goes through each stage in detail. We cover the Values and Competencies you will be assessed against at each stage and how to give yourself the best chance of success. You will get tips and models to use in your answers so your responses are structured, whatever the scenario…

With weekly Workshops running on a Saturday morning, we are there for you with this vital stage of your Police Recruitment!

Book your place via our Services and start your journey with confidence that you will perform to the best of your ability and join the ever growing Careers In Blue success story!