Passed the Police National Sift?

If you have, the next stage is the Police Online Assessment Centre

At Careers In Blue we believe that if you’re serious about a career in policing, you will give yourself the best possible chance. That means using us to ‘help you achieve’ at all stages of your application.

How Careers In Blue Can Help with The Police Online Assessment Centre

Our Modular Training Courses – Module 2 Competency Based Interview, Module 3 Written Test and Module 4 Briefing Exercise will guide you through each stage of the Online Assessment Centre.

You have to pass all 3 stages. Preparation is key! Knowledge is power!

Here at Careers In Blue, we explain each stage so you know what to expect. Coupled with our Police Recruitment Start To Finish Workbook, you can’t be any better prepared.

Once you’ve completed your Online Assessment Centre you’ll have to sit tight, because It can usually take a couple of weeks for you to find out if you’ve passed or not.

Passed Your Online Assessment Centre?

For a few forces, passing your Assessment Centre this means you’re in, subject to vetting, attendance and other biometric tests. Most forces ask you to attend an additional stage after the Assessment Centre – the Final Interview (we can help you with this too!)

To find out how we can assist you with all stages of your police application, visit our services page to see how we can help you achieve your Career In Blue!