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Looking for employment, as a retired Police officer – how important is your CV to get you a job interview? It’s so annoying to hear a lot of people say,’ I’ve fired my CV off to fifty companies and not heard a single thing….’

Every job you apply for should be a unique application. Tinker slightly with your CV or application each time to tailor it specifically towards the job you are applying for. Most will be asking for different essential or desirable skills so it’s important to ensure you’re addressing these with your skills and evidence in your CV or application

So, do you need to think about paying for someone to do a professional CV for you? How important is your CV to get you a job interview? There are companies out there who will write a CV for you. They will spend time gathering all they need about you and put together something that looks good.

Will they do as good a job as you though? This is your experiences, your career, your skills. Can someone else reflect these things as well as you can? This is your CV. This is personal to you.

If you put a little time and effort into this, you can do a great job yourself. There are companies out there that will provide you with templates to use – for free. Some even promise to look over your CV and offer advice and guidance on what you’ve put together.

Recruitment company reed.co.uk have some great templates and encourage you to do your own. I’ve heard them offer on courses that if you’re unsure about your finished CV to send it in and they’ll look at it for nothing! It’s all part of their Keep Britain Working pledge – check out keepbritainworking.com

Your CV is what will get you an interview, it’s your foot in the door. Once you’ve got that precious foot in the door, it’s down to you to impress during your interview. Remember though, whatever you’ve written on your CV you may be asked about, so make sure you know it well. Some companies will have it to hand and go through certain aspects of it, some won’t use it at all and it will all be down to your performance during your interview – yes it is a performance, and like an actor, it is something you can practice and rehearse.

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